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Brumed Project

Still Lifes and Reflections

Protected: Client 170001 Newborn Portraits

Newborn Portraits - Photo shoot Jan 2, 2017

Protected: Client 170003 Product Photos

Product Photography - Photo shoot Feb 5, 2017

Musicians (portraits)

Product Photography - Photo shoot Feb 5, 2017

homeless in toronto

Street Photography

Local and foreign street photography.

Protected: Client 170002 Family Portraits

Family Portrait - photo shoot Jan 3, 2017

Donnotar Castle


Travel photography taken in Northern Scotland. My son and I travelled along the castle trail covering Aberdeenshire and the Highlands.



Trip to Cuba visiting Hanabanilla, Trinidad, Havana and Varadero.


There are so many steps and aspects to the simple act of eating which we perform many times a day. Food photography is another fun way of sharing my experiences!