About me


My interest in the arts began at a very young age. I was always up to something that kept my hands and mind busy. Mastering a medium engaged all my senses and the challenges fuelled my drive.

My career took a very different direction – I was corporate and worked in the technology field. My passion for the arts and anything related to creativity remained intact but took second stage. It was many years later that I was able to fully focus on what gave me true pleasure; that’s when I returned my focus to drawing, painting and sculpting. I enjoyed each medium yet found myself restless because of the frequent periods of isolation and this is when I began to explore photography.

Photography gave me an opportunity to be outdoors and meet people. I began by mastering the technical aspects of the camera until I could produce the images I envisioned.

I enjoy many photography styles (landscapes, botanical, portraits and street) but my favourite projects involve creating textured and dimensional in camera images that have the qualities of classical impressionist paintings. I use the reflective qualities of various liquid mediums to produce the effects I envision in my mind. Photography has allowed me to continue express myself, opens doors to my creativity and and continuously challenges me. The best side effect is that I get to spend more time outdoors!

So far, I still enjoy photography at a professional and hobbyist level. I’ve had the pleasure of contributing to Maria Bell’s “Cats of Oakville” fundraiser book for the Oakville Humane Society and have also been published in The Canadian Musician magazine when they featured an article on Oakville’s Moonshine Cafe.